Your guide to exploring Mexico City

Starting a fertile journey in Mexico City with Fertilidad Integral is more than just attending medical appointments. To ensure that your stay in this magical city is comfortable and enriching, we prepared this guide with our best recommendations for accommodation, transportation, restaurants and cultural experiences that you cannot miss.

Discover our city

Mexico City is a place full of charms, and getting to know them all is an almost impossible mission. Luckily, you don't have to go far from our headquarters in the capital to find the best of the best: excellent hotels, chic shops and delicious restaurants. These are some of the safest and most eclectic areas that you can't miss.

Polanco: Beauty and closeness

The area that houses our home in the city could not be more spectacular. Just a stone's throw from Fertilidad Integral, you can find design shops, mansions with colonial architecture, five-star hotels, world-class restaurants and endless attractions of cultural interest. Being here will allow you to enjoy beautiful places, with the comfort of being just a few minutes from your clinic.

North Rome: Bohemian touch with cultural richness

Just 20 minutes from Fertilidad Integral, you will find a space where you can breathe a creative air. Roma Norte is known for its picturesque streets, abundance of trees and colonial buildings. Additionally, it is home to a very rich and interesting art scene. It is the ideal place to explore art galleries, visit boutique shops, have a coffee and eat on beautiful terraces.

Countess: Harmony in the open air

This neighborhood is characterized by being a happy, charming and energetic place. It is the area of ​​outdoor living and art deco architecture. It is the perfect environment to spend time with friends: the best place to go for a walk and try the most varied dishes. The best? It is only 25 minutes from Fertilidad Integral.

Sleep, rest and enjoy


Hotels, alliances and more

To make your trip to CDMX more accessible, we have formed alliances with different lodging companies to offer you super exclusive discounts. Stay in a great place at a great price. Here are five options for all tastes and budgets.

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Restaurants, cafes and more

Durante cualquier tratamiento de fertilidad, seguir una dieta balanceada y nutritiva es muy importante. Por suerte, cada esquina de esta ciudad ofrece los mejores platillos de gastronomías de todo el mundo, para todos los gustos, dietas y antojos. Aquí te compartimos algunos de nuestros restaurantes favoritos.

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Let us be part of your trip to Mexico City and your fertility journey

You already know: traveling to Fertilidad Integral to start your fertile journey goes far beyond the offices, medicines and waiting times. This is an opportunity to get to know another culture and fall in love with it. Plus, we'll be with you every step of the way. If you have questions about our city or any details of your treatment, contact us! We would love to give you more recommendations or answer your questions.

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